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Wedding car decoration
Wedding car decoration ideas
Wedding car

Decorating the car for wedding

Dress the bride and groom’s car can be a fun option to leave the party in style. Besides the whole decoration of the church and hall, the decoration of the bride and groom’s car is a great idea for anyone who wants a marriage like the American films. But what the couple leave the party with enough style, worth some tips on how to decorate the car for the wedding. Decorate the car for the big day depends largely on the taste of the couple. A beautiful wedding car needs no hype, but for originality and creativity.

The decoration of the bride and groom’s car may be modern and fun, with slogans painted, aluminum cans hanging from the bumper, flowers, streamers and colorful balloons around the car.

Those who prefer something more classic and discreet, you can bet on phrases and garlands of flowers painted in bright colors on the back of the car. The car’s interior grooms may also receive some decorations or flower petals and natural flavoring to be romantic and cozy. A good idea to complement the decor of the wedding car is to personalize the card, putting the couple’s name or phrases such as “newlyweds”.

The traditional tin cans tied to the back of the car or with an extra touch with colorful balloons

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Wedding decoration

Wedding decoration

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Wedding car decoration

How do I decorate rental car for wedding?

Wedding Cars can be decorated in various ways using different materials.You just have to plan everything in advance so that the car can be decorated the way the couple wants. For example, the rental car for a wedding can be decorated with fresh flowers to give a good taste. The flowers are usually arranged in a bouquet tied in front of the hood of the car. They can also be arranged in a wreath in the shape of hearts to adorn the hood of the car rented. Corsage Arrangements can be placed on the wrists of the car doors. If fresh flowers are expensive or not is a practical idea, since they are subject to bruising and discoloration when exposed to wind or rain, silk flowers are a better alternative. Silk flowers that look like real flowers and can be used as such.

Ribbons and tulle fabrics are materials that can be used as decoration wedding car. Flowers can be placed in some parts of the car with lace and ribbons. These materials can be used in different ways: as ornaments, with the caption: “Just Married”

You also can choose ribbons and lace whose colors are the same with the theme or celebration. You can coordinate the rental car for your marriage according to their color, or use contrasting colors of ribbons and lace to adorn more visible. Colors can also be based on the season. For example, if your marriage is in summer, the tapes can be colored gold and silver, while the pink color is suitable for winter.

The decoration can be used to send messages. Use of sample boards or banners or you can write a message directly to car rental. Do not use normal ink or marker, since it will be very difficult to remove and even damage your car. You can use paint on glass, window marker or chalk writing liquid.

There are other materials that can be used as decoration wedding car, all you need is your imagination soar. And do not forget the plastic bottles or cans, which are responsible for the noise!

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