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Photoshoot Ideas photography
Photo shoot photography
Photo shoots photography
Photo shoot Ideas photography
Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

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Photoshoot Ideas for Wedding and Engagement Shoot

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Wedding Photography – Memories That You Will Cherish For Years To Come

            Wait! Don’t the latter ones happen before the walk down the aisle? Yes, that is correct! But whenever you look at your parents’ wedding album, it seems like they started to be together on their wedding day. But that can’t be, can it? It wasn’t a shotgun wedding or a drunken Las Vegas wedding, was it? So, how can you be sure that your mom didn’t just decide to marry a random guy that day? Of course, you need to find and look at a photo shot of them together before they were married!

            Photo shoots done before you get hitched are gaining in popularity among the many romantic people in world. These photos are usually uploaded to the couple’s chosen social networking site, like Facebook, or are printed onto the invitations to show their invited guests that they are serious about getting hitched. When these photos are shown during your wedding reception, it will show your guests how totally smitten you are with each other. Your guests, even the weird relative whom you rarely see, will feel like they’ve known the two of you for as long as you’ve been together just by looking at these photos shot before the wedding!

            To start off, look for a good photographer who offers a reasonable price for a well done photo shoot. Once you’ve chosen your photographer, make sure that you talk to them about what you want and don’t want. Discuss about your wedding theme or other details that you think the photographer must know to create photo shoots for a wedding album that is totally reminiscent of you and your partner.

            Don’t be afraid to show your personality by giving your photo shoot ideas to the photographer and they’ll try their best to make your dream come true! Do you want your photo shot from behind a bush like you and your lover are on a secret rendezvous? That can be done! What about being carried over the threshold of the house where you will both live? That, too, can be done. And much more!

            Go through a wedding magazine and tear off those pages that show what you want in your own wedding album. Give these to the photographer and they’ll be the ones to figure out how it can be done. These photoshoots can be done during the weeks of preparing for the wedding. Allow the photographer to pose you in different ways or to capture loving moments between you and your spouse without you noticing. These types of photos will inspire your guests and you will hear a lot of oh’s and ah’s going on as they watch the sideshow. Some might even think that you and your partner look like professional models!

            If you go through the photographer’s website or portfolio, try to see what photoshoot ideas have already been done. You can replicate some of the photo shoot ideas that have already been done and just vary it up a little. It would always come out different because you and your lover have a different personality compared to the other couple. You can also do what has not yet been done if you really want your own photo shoot to be unique!

            Think about what you and your partner like to do most. What places or objects have a special meaning to you? These can also be a source of inspiration for your before-the-wedding photo shoot! Did you meet at the beach? Trash dress photography (as they call it since the dresses can get ruined by the water) produce very nice photos, especially when the couple freely expresses themselves and are not afraid to ruin their clothes. When this photo shoot coincides with the sunset, then it would really make a touching and romantic moment to capture on film.

            Was the moment he proposed memorable? Why not make sure that there is a camera ready to capture that perfect photo? If not, then the reenactment of the proposal will also make for a nice photo shoot idea. The hugs, the kisses, and the simple looks exchanged between a couple? A photo shoot of these loving moments will surely make any wedding album popular and be well-perused even when the couple reaches old age.

            After these photo shoots of the “courtship” and “engagement” days, another great photo shoot moment is when you are preparing for the wedding. A photo of the rings, invitation and souvenirs, plus the special objects like the first teddy bear he gave, will make great fillers for wedding albums and can also be used to introduce the sideshow of the couple’s photos during the reception.

            Before the ceremony starts, you should also allow the photographers into your dressing rooms. Allow them to catch that great photo shoot moment when the bride looks about to cry as she hugs her dad or as her mom helps her with her veil. There is also that confident groom who suddenly needed the help of the best man to properly put on his tie because his hands are shaking too much. The pretty little flower girls and handsome little ring bearers who fall asleep as they wait for the ceremony to finish will also make a great photo shot moment.

            During the ceremony, at least two photographers would be moving around to catch special candid moments that are most poignant since they are not posed. The photographers will be discreet enough that the wedding will not look like a studio photo shoot but will still be able to produce great photos of the ceremony afterward! The photographers will try to catch every moment, from the nervous groom to the tear rolling down the cheeks of the father of the bride.

            At the wedding reception, the photographers will continue roaming around to catch spectacular photo shoot moments. Some photo shoot ideas at the reception are the first dance of the couple as husband and wife, the father-daughter dance, the bouquet and garter catch, and the different rituals that include the cake, champagne and other wedding props. And as the car that is carrying the newly-weds roll away, the photographers will still be clicking away to portray the bliss you were feeling as you drove on towards your honeymoon.


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